Alaska Baited Brown bear hunt, Baited Bear hunting, Baited Grizzly hunts,
Baited brown bear hunt
Alaska big game hunting-Alaska Brown Bear hunts- Alaska Moose hunts-Black Bear-Grizzly Bear
Alaska big game hunting-Brown Bear- Moose-Black Bear-Grizzly Bear
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My name is Kris Helms! I'm the
VidCamDude for Ted Nugent and his
show on the Outdoor Channel Spirit Of
The Wild! I've been to and hunted a lot
of places traveling with Ted, but hands
down this was the best hunting
adventure of my life and I will never
forget it! I had the opportunity to smoke
this monster brown bear at 22 yards.
Anyone looking for a trip of a lifetime.
Call Cliff at Triple C Outfitters! He is the
man who knows how to get it done!
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Alaska Brown bear hunt, Alaska Black Bear hunt, Alaska Grizzly Hunt, Alaska, Moose hunt
Alaska Brown Bear and Moose hunting